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About me

A native teacher for authentic teaching

I am a native Frenchman, I was born and lived in Paris for 30 years. I worked in real estate for ten years before changing my life and dedicating myself to my passion, teaching my mother tongue.

I want to help you with your project, offering light classes and courses tailored to your needs. Traveling to France, learning about the country's history, working in a French company and talking to French people from all over the world, all of this will be within your reach in a few months.

I use my own material adapted from the Alliance Française methodology and I have experience with students of all levels and ages.

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Kelly Francine

« I've been taking French classes with Jean and I can say that it has helped me a lot. My French is very basic, and Jean has a lot of patience to teach, good teaching skills, and also words of encouragement that help me believe that I am learning and evolving. Merci beaucoup, Jean! »

Laetitia Rocha

« Jean has been teaching my 9-year-old daughter for almost 2 months
After full-time school, she goes to the cours de français… she comes and goes excited, happy and, above all, I see her progress day by day.
Thank you for being part of this important learning stage for her! »

Andrea Cavalcante

« I highly recommend Professor JP, he is extremely competent and professional, helpful and very patient in explaining and correcting the pronunciation. »
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